Iris Kloppenburg is a material and graphic designer who is always looking for a new challenge.
She is skilled in imagining and visualizing future scenarios where she shows her passion for visual storytelling and her mission to trigger the senses.

She teaches material design and visual communication at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. Passing over her passion and the craftsmanship to young professionals.

Her formula is to interact and transform! She explores the interaction between materials, objects, humans, craftsmanship and technology by transforming dimensions and crossing disciplines. Iris comes up with authentic concepts and prototypes of future materials, by using her wide range of skills including; craft (design & prototyping), forecasting (concept & framing) and aesthetics (personal handwriting). Her passion is working cross-disciplinary for which she makes use of her diverse set of skills. She learned a to master a wide range of skills from studying and working in fashion, materials, product design, interior design and forecasting.

You can hire her for material & print design, graphic design, branding, trendforecasting, teaching, giving workshops and much more!

Iris is always open and exited for new challenges and collaborations! Feel welcome to contact me for a coffee!

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